4 Blind Mice


Today I met 3 people without speaking. We cross paths head down all secretly peeking.

Today I met 3 people conversation unknown. We all passed by faces buried in our phones.

Today I met 3 people, what a cherished  event; too bad I didn’t get to know them.

Time well spent.

Today I met 3 people, not a word to say. What times we live in, when we don’t say good day.

Today I met 3 people, I may see them again, because every morning this happens, and we are all afraid we may offend.

Today I met 3 people, avoiding their eyes.

Today could be one of our last no hellos no goodbyes.

A dance with the devil

rebirthIf love is hell then throw me in the center of the fiery pit.

So my heart may thaw and my soul may ascend.

If pain is joy then allow me to hurt, because the mother of death is a painful birth.

The day I die is the day I live, because every day received is a day I must give.

A day I must give is a choice to take, because every gift given is a sacrifice made.

Our ultimate sacrifice is not to leave this earth, but to endure the torture of a physical curse.

Where we sleep and rise to the Sun rays.

living a life to pay a debt we never made.

How cold is this cycle that freezes my heart.

Only to be recycled with that fiery start.

When souls speak (Morgan)


Thank you for your time last night.

Deep conversation, wine, and dinner by candle lights.

Satisfying both worlds with full stomachs and spiritual insight.

Reassuring me that wrongs can be turned into rights.

That my darkness may be because someone covered the light.

That we have human flaws, but godly sight.

Yes, I felt godly that night, and mastering emotions is a godly fight.

You located a abyss of pain.

Where I care not to venture, but you picked my brain.

The action of a goddess to me is insane, but on the contrary sane.

Carefully studying my past so the future want be the same.

All while carefully cutting your meat with elegance maintained.

I’m sitting back thinking, “girl you bad.” As you voice, “John you’re a great dad.”

You acknowledging the love of my life.

My daughter with thoughts of a new life.

We both agree there is no rush, because immortals mock time is echoed silently between us.

A question for the Sun


The truth is we don’t know.

We walk around hoping we have souls.

We create an image to ease our minds.

Storing riches for a place outside of time.

Looking for external signs.

Looking for that light to shine.

Only to be blinded.

Only to be reminded that we are unaware.

That’s the truth and we all are scared.

That day we close our eyes.

That’s the day we will see the lies.

Who knows maybe we do get a second try.

There could be a hell in the sky, and heaven in the center of earth.

Maybe we were born three times, that trinity birth.

What if death is the blessing and life is the curse.

The truth is who can tell you what’s worse.

So much pain, so much hurt.

Many wonder what it’s really worth.

Who’s to say you’re the first.

Maybe you’re the last.

Maybe your time has passed, and there is no end.

So many questions left unanswered for mortal men.

Ms. Brown skin


Hey Ms. brown skin and dark eyes.

 Ms. 5 sum and thick thighs.

Hips swaying like ocean waves.

Perfect smile Ms. pretty face.

Can I take you on a date?

Can I be yo man/hit one knee one day?

By candle light in a hidden place.

As we enter a familiar space.

Don’t worry I can keep pace.

We can leave this world without a trace.

Cold winters and warm nights in a foreign state.

With passion and grace  as we misbehave.

That’s that foreplay.

Two way only you an I all day.

Always as we lay on blankets by the bay.

That’s that sandplay.

Ms. Brown skin can we go for a walk.

Slow struts and long talks.

Can I hold yo hand showing the world I’m yo man?

Tonight is a concert, and we the only members in the band.

We can make music with no instruments playin.

Ms. Brown skin I’m just sayin.

Ms. Brown skin why you so fine?

Only a fool would compare you to money, but I do think they would call you a dime, and if saying that makes me a fool.

Well Ms. Brown skin I’ll be that for you.

Nah Ms. Brown skin I don’t know yo name, but if I guess it would be peach.

Sum touched by the sun on a Georgia tree.

And if I’m wrong that’s all right.

I’ll say yo name my entire life.

Ms. Brown skin I got one more strife.

Well Ms. Brown skin will you be my wife?